As Valley Harvest embarked on its journey, the heartfelt aspiration of having our own church building has been a guiding dream. We started humbly, gathering in school gyms and renting spaces from other churches. These were significant steps for our community, yet there were always limitations to what we could accomplish as a church without a dedicated home. However, now, we find ourselves on the brink of turning that dream into reality—closer than ever to having a space that truly belongs to us.

In this pivotal moment, we invite you to share in our vision. The endeavor to establish our own church building comes with a significant financial commitment, with an estimated cost of around 2 million dollars. Would you kindly join us in prayer, seeking the Lord's guidance, and opening your heart to contribute to this meaningful project? Your support will not only help us secure a physical space but will also empower us to spread the message of the gospel. As we take this significant step forward, may your generosity be rewarded abundantly. Together, let's build a lasting foundation for Valley Harvest's future.

Church  property:
13110 E Nora Ave
Spokane Valley WA 99216.