Pastors & Staff

Paul Bliznyuk

Head Pastor

At the tender age of eight, Paul embarked on an exciting journey with his parents, setting foot in the United States in 1993. As he navigated the tumultuous waters of adolescence and young adulthood, Paul grappled with the profound quest for his identity. However, the dawn of a new chapter arrived in his early twenties when an irresistible urge compelled him to delve into the sacred pages of the Bible. Against the backdrop of the 2009 recession, a divine calling led him back to the hallowed halls of education, where he achieved the distinction of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse and eventually, a Registered Nurse. In God’s providence, he crossed paths with Irina, the love of his life, sealing their union in matrimony in 2012. As Paul diligently pursued his nursing career, a heart-wrenching experience unfolded as he witnessed his cherished church community fragmenting due to the corrosive effects of sin. It was in this moment of crisis that Paul sensed a profound calling to embark on a transformative journey at The Master's Seminary. Fast forward to 2020, and the divine hand of God guided Paul and his family to embark on a new ministerial voyage at Valley Harvest. During his cherished moments of respite, Paul finds solace in the warm embrace of his family and revels in the splendor of God's magnificent creation in the great outdoors.

Alex Skrobko 

 Associate Pastor

Alex is married to Alla. Alex and Alla met in church in USSR and married in 1991, together they have two children- Alex Jr and Katerina. They moved to US in 1993. Starting in 1991 Alex served in church in various capacities : preaching , choir director, deacon, youth ministry. 2012-2019 senior pastor at VH, 2019 up to now-home group ministry, helps worship band playing guitar. In free time, Alex like to read books and ride his motorcycle. 

Val shiva

Counseling Pastor